Nocoe Energy's AnyDrink Caffeine Technology


Create an energy product line using your existing products/flavors by simply adding Nocoe's AnyDrink Energy™. 

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What is AnyDrink Energy™?

A flavorless/colorless caffeine blend that adds energy to any beverage without altering signature flavors.

- 0 calorie, Vegan, Non-GMO and Gluten Free -


THE MARKET: 90% of Americans drink caffeine on a daily basis, which is reflected in the ever increasing annual revenues of brands with energy drinks. The market gained $53 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach over $86 billion in size by 2026. In short - There is a high demand for caffeinated drink products.

THE PROBLEM: Caffeine is bitter and drastically affects any drink it is mixed with. Overcoming this cause's brands to over flavor, use unnecessary sugars or use other stimulants in an attempt to mask the bitter profile caffeine creates - and even then are still unsuccessful in total removal of bitterness (especially at levels above 50mg).



Nocoe Energy's unique and proprietary AnyDrink Energy blend solves the bitterness challenge and provides a tasteless caffeine for brands to utilize to maximize their flavors. Adding AnyDrink Energy as an ingredient to your products allows your consumers to enjoy the existing flavors they know and love from your brand in an energy version. This creates more revenue driving SKU's and launches your company right into the ever growing market of energy products.

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Nocoe Energy is a caffeine manufacturer that can show you how to add caffeine with a tasteless profile - utilizing their signature caffeine blend, AnyDrink Energy™

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